Dianne Bachman, LCSW



Chronos: Card of the Day

Posted on April 15, 2015 at 8:40 AM

Sometimes I am really blown away by my SoulCollage(R) readings and this morning was one of those times.  All morning I was feeling rather wistful, thumbing through the mental list of all the things I would enjoy doing today, thinking to myself, "there doesn't seem to be enough time...."  So, I sat at my table in the studio, cleared my mind, and asked my deck to give me guidance and inspiration for the day.  This is the card I drew!  My deck now consists of 61 cards, so

When I created this card back in January, I titled it "Chronos" and it belongs to the Council suit.  To me, it speaks to all the cubby holes in my mind and soul, filled with interesting things to explore and the overarching concept of time that flows and flows. Time slips away, stacks up, creeps up...... There is always that dillemma between things we must do, the time,  and things we need to do for ourselves. 

So, today I will honor Chronos, carry her with me and soak up her wisdom and message through the process of my day.

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