Dianne Bachman, LCSW



Card of the Day: The Journey

Posted on March 24, 2016 at 8:00 PM

This morning as I was writing in my journal, I decided to work with my SoulCollage(R) deck to gain some insight into the weeks ahead.  Sometimes I will choose a random card for the day and sometimes I will draw one with the intention of seeking guidance.  Today was one of those days that I wanted to pull in a bit of insight in considering the process of change. I will be moving into my new office on April 1, and though it is an exciting time, it is also a time of upheaval.   Change is not always easy, especially since we can never truly forecast what kinds of people and circumstances  a choice might bring into our lives. 

I smiled when I turned this card over--I call it "The Journey".  The labyrinth with all of its twists and convolutions is laid out before a pair of hands.  The hands hold three eggs and off to either side of the hands is a moth in flight, headed toward the labyrinth. The eggs remind me that there is potential at the beginning of any journey.  The potential must be nurtured, cradled until it is ready to reveal itself.  The moths fly ahead, hinting at the presence of mystery and the bringing of light and life into the darkness. 

I love to walk the labyrinth and someday I hope to construct one in my backyard.  The walking brings a time of meditation and openness for me.  Whether it is the cloth labyrinth at my church or the red rock labyrinth at the Ghost Ranch in Abiqui, New Mexico, I have come away with a greater perspective of the old saying, "It is not the destination that is so important, it is the journey that counts the most."  

I always seem to be gifted with a sense of peace when I hang out with my old, dear friends, the SoulCollage neters!  I know it will all be fine--or not!  The move is a leg of my journey yet to be revealed and all is well.  There lies an opportunity to learn and to add to wisdom, no matter what!  So, bring on the boxes and packing tape!  I'm ready to negotiate the terrain around next bend and into my future!

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