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Posted on May 3, 2018 at 10:40 PM

I found myself with a some free time last Wednesday, so I pulled out a stack of images and begain flipping thorugh them. This is the SoulCollageIR) card that evolved and I have tentatively titled it "Freedom".

Lately, the world has seemed so filled with conflict and uncertainty and confusion! I suppose this card grew out of my need for a gorunding rod of sorts. The themes seem to point to balance with the land and sea, male and female images.

Here is my initial dialog with this newest SoulCollage friend:

I am one who......

....Has been present on this earth longer that the myth of what came first

....Brings you the soothing, fluid rhtyms of the deep blue ocean, the granite matrix of the tallest mountains, flexible yet sturdy

...Nurtures, contemplates, invites you to imagine what if.....What if you loosen your grip? Where will those untethered wings take you?

...Invites you, compels you to go within, to honor that which is constant in the face of change

So....in the midst of what seemed to be a very busy and somewhat chaotic day, my SoulCollage(R) practice allowed me to dip into the well of my inner healing waters. There are many ways to tap into this wise and nurturing place we call flow, the inner healer, soul....Ancient, ever present, always willing to sit beside us and witness, calm and renew.

May you find peace and renewal in your world today.


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