Dianne Bachman, LCSW



An Important Find Right in My Backyard

Posted on October 25, 2018 at 11:30 PM

Yesterday while I was giving my dogs a run in the back yard, I spotted a small object sticking out of the dirt. As I got a closer look, I recognized it as a barnacle. I have seen many barnacles while visiting the beach, but my house is quite a distance from any large body of water. I picked it up and placed it in the center of my palm. Yes, it was indeed a barnacle!

Later in the afternoon I did a google search on barnacles as this was a curious find and felt rather synchronistic. I discovered that barnacles are marine crustaceans with an external shell and they attach themselves permanently to many different surfaces. On a scientific level I was satisfied, but my Scorpio ascendant always urges me to look deeper, to go further, to find some meaning. So....I found that barnacles can be a symbol of those things or people in life that slow us down, impede our progress, cause friction, create sticky situations.

My thoughts drifted to several recent business situations that have been nagging at me, making me question whether I am honoring my authentic self. These situations would require me to compromise either my values or my intuitive sense of what is right for me. They take up space in my mind, create tension, make me feel frustrated and tired. Barnacles!!!!

It is funny how one little dead crustacean can trigger so much thought, kick up so much dust. But I am thankful for my little barnacle. She presented herself at just the right time. I am able to recognize an energy sucker for what it is and let go, honor that which I know to be true for myself. And I will keep my little barnacle close by to remind me to to let go of that which no longer serves me well.

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