Dianne Bachman, LCSW


Child and Adolescent Therapy

Parenting as they grow

Children do not come equipped with an instruction manual and sometimes, as parents, we need some assistance in helping our child through various situations or stages.  Each child is unique and comes with their own set of gifts as well as challenges.  If your child or teen is exhibiting signs that he or she may benefit from therapy, I respect their individuality and unique needs as part of my treatment philosophy.  Together, we form an alliance and tailor a treatment plan that addresses your child's needs.

My treatment modalities include (but are not limited to):
     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
     Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
     Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
     Family Therapy
     Play Therapy
     Sand Tray Therapy
     Expressive Arts
If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of your child through the lens of their astrological birth chart, this can be a very helpful tool.  Please feel free to contact me regarding the details of this service.